This collection is an ode to our home, the eclectic city that has been inspiring us ever since we founded the brand.

In 2020 we went through some exciting changes, you can read about them here. "A London Affair" collection leads off a remodelled Three Floor.  

This collection is an ode to our home, the eclectic city that has been inspiring us ever since we founded the brand. We love London’s vibrant culture, unique architecture and diverse community, so the collection is as versatile as the city itself. It features our signature feminine yet modern dresses as well as some more relaxed pieces that can be effortlessly styled up or down. Hope you’ll love the pieces as much as we do.

To celebrate our love for the eclectic East London we created the Ziggy Dress. The perfectly balanced silhouette merges patterns, textures, shapes and is cinched at the waist with an ultra-glossy corset belt. BTW - corsets are back, and we couldn't (and didn't want to) resist adding that ultra-feminine trend into this collection. Following suit, we bring you two equally daring and elegant pieces that feature exposed bodice: the Undercover Dress and the Tied Up Jumpsuit. They're bold, but they're also easy-to-wear - just add boots and you are good to go... or put on slippers and you're ready for your Zoom date.

As many of us spend the most time at home these days, we designed some ultra-chic separates that are sure to elevate any casual outfit. The Chain Attraction Trousers and the Back Atcha Top can be paired with the comfiest clothes from your wardrobe, or worn together for a chic monochrome effect.

The Hush-Hush Dress is a refined mini with a beautifully sculpted top and elegant lace accents. The Let-Loose Dress has a more relaxed silhouette - as the name suggests - and delicate flower embroidery pattern that makes it stand out from the LBD crowd.

We all crave a little bit of glam in our lives and a stunning high-shine mini can fulfill that desire. Timeless lace meets glistening satin in the Miss Spicy dress, and its Metallic Ginger colour adds some spice to this classic style. Talking about revamped classics - you'll love our new blazer dress featuring on-trend modern details such as mesh billowy sleeves and a square-buckle belt. The Inspecting You Dress is a staple that is very far from boring.

To add some sweetness to the collection we have created two Honeycomb-inspired pieces. Cosmic Cloud Top and Golden Gaze dress made from light-weight crochet fabric are the ultimate statement pieces that can brighten up even the most cloudy days.

Last, but definitely not least we created our exclusive Three Floor masks! They are made using the leftover fabric from the collection and two layers of pure cotton, so they’re not only comfortable to wear, but they also help us become more sustainable. We add a free mask to every order of our new collection, because staying safe is crucial, and staying stylish is what we're passionate about.

All those beautiful pieces are available on our new online store - you won’t find them anywhere else!