In 2020 we went through some exciting changes, you can read more about them here. "A London Affair" collection leads off a remodelled Three Floor. This collection is an ode to our home, the eclectic city that has been inspiring us ever since we founded the brand. We love London’s vibrant culture, unique architecture and diverse community, so the collection is as versatile as the city itself. It features our signature feminine yet modern dresses as well as some more relaxed pieces that can be effortlessly styled up or down. Hope you’ll love the pieces as much as we do.

Before ending up in your wardrobe, each of our styles goes through many stages - from sketching the design through meticulous fabric selection to diligent fitting sessions... The process of making a Three Floor piece is not a quick one, but it’s always worth the effort. We are driven to create clothes that not only are unique but also make YOU feel unique. See for yourself!

1. Design

Our creative team researches ideas and puts them together onto a mood board - this includes new silhouettes, interesting details, colour palettes, artworks, etc. Then we hand-sketch a first draft. Once we are happy with the design idea, we prepare a very detailed CAD drawing that includes all the crucial technical information. These drawings then become blueprints for our production team.

2. Selecting the fabrics

After finalising the shape and details of the design, we go through hundreds of fabric samples to find the perfect match for the style. We have thousands of different lace trims, laces and satins to pick from, all in plentiful colours... In some cases, we need to pair two or more materials - playing with various textures, colours and patterns always bring exciting and unique results.

3. Working with samples

In the next stage of the process we work with our manufacturer to prepare the first sample. Then we begin the fitting process - this always takes at least a few rounds. We need to make sure that the new style is both beautiful and practical. Is the length of the skirt okay when you sit down? Is the ruching placement flattering to the silhouette? Is the sleeve wide enough? We check every single detail to perfect the final sample.

4. Final samples

After many rounds of fittings, we finally get the final and flawless sample - this is the piece we photograph and present on our website. At the same time, we start the production based on the final sample in our manufacture process.


5. Et voila!

The style is ready to go straight into your shopping basket and end up in your wardrobe.