We believe in the importance of looking after yourself, and in this spirit, we created a loungewear collection "Me o'clock".

Self-care isn’t selfish. We believe in the importance of looking after yourself, and in this spirit, we created a loungewear collection that will inspire you to prioritise your me-time and to treat your pleasures seriously. From scented candles and creamy coffees to beauty treats and sweet snacks - in our Me o’clock collection, we celebrate all those tiny but special things that can change a regular day into a self-care ritual. 

Nothing says relax like an easy-to-wear loungewear set. Our Rose Water Sweatshirt and Tulip Trousers are perfect for those moments when you want to look cool, but don’t want to compromise on comfort. Crafted from a soft cotton-blend in colours inspired by cherry and lychee fruits, this set is both functional and cute.

For those who equate loungewear with soft and creamy hues, we designed the Honey & Spice Sweatshirt and Vanilla Chai Trousers. Made from a soft cotton-blend in latte colour, this loose-fitting set has playful detailing. Sparkly beaded fringe and shimmery drawstrings catch the light beautifully, so they are very instagrammable. Ideal for lounging and taking selfies.

What’s your favourite candle scent? We’re pretty confident that sandalwood will be highly ranked on your list. This iconic deep woody fragrance inspired us to create the Sandalwood Cardigan - a loose-fitting layering piece, that is artfully embellished with mismatched buttons. The cardigan is ultra-comfy but far from basic. It has the power to instantly elevate any loungy outfit into a stylish masterpiece.

If you’re in a mood for a rom-com and red wine evening, the Pinot Noir Set is just for you. A silky dress and robe set made from glowing satin in deep ruby colour features beautiful and delicate lace details. You can wear these pieces together at home to elevate your movie-night look, or slip into the dress, add heels and lipstick, and go for a romantic date (with yourself or with somebody else).

Looking for an easy-to-wear outfit that is perfect for catnapping, grabbing a latte from a local cafe and working from home? Sounds like we created the Macchiato Jumpsuit especially for you. This one-piece has it all: soft fabric, cool detailing such as stone-effect button and mesh sleeves, and long, shiny satin belt... It is the epitome of comfort-meets-style.

The Me o’clock collection is available exclusively on our online store. Go ahead, spoil yourself to some new loungewear. You deserve it.