In 2020 we went through some exciting changes, you can read more about them here. "A London Affair" collection leads off a remodelled Three Floor. This collection is an ode to our home, the eclectic city that has been inspiring us ever since we founded the brand. We love London’s vibrant culture, unique architecture and diverse community, so the collection is as versatile as the city itself. It features our signature feminine yet modern dresses as well as some more relaxed pieces that can be effortlessly styled up or down. Hope you’ll love the pieces as much as we do.

Delicate fabrics, sophisticated colours, luxury craftsmanship and overall splendour are not just for official monarchs. All self-proclaimed queens and princesses deserve to experience the splendid royal treatment everyday. With this in mind, we created our new collection of elegant styles filled with intricate details - these majestic pieces will make you feel like the queen you truly are. Crowns and tiaras are optional; regality is all about the attitude.

You won’t go unnoticed wearing the Your Grace Skirt, the shiny fringing will move with every step you take. Style this statement skirt with the matching Royal Highness Top for a full regal-look effect. The Royal Ruby colour of the set demands attention, be prepared to hear compliments about your poise and fashion sense wherever you go. If you love the deep red hue, but are in a mood for a short but not-so-sweet mini, put on the Reign Over Dress. Add high heels, and you will be ready to rule the world. Styling tip - this piece looks magnificent with any gold accessories.

Inspired by the 17th and 18th centuries’ art mixed with contemporary design elements, the Baroque dress is a perfect choice for modern-day royals. The body-hugging style adorned with a beautiful laced-up back detail flatters the feminine silhouette. Floral lace combined with splendid metallic thread in a Midnight Bloom colour palette add a romantic touch to this elegant piece. If you love the Baroque Dress but are after a more playful shape, the Rococo Dress is just for you. The flirty mini silhouette is a reinterpretation of classic evening wear - it’s chic, stylish and confidence-boosting. This is a dress worthy of a party-loving queen.

Full of colours inspired by a Black Opal's natural beauty, the Mademoiselle Dress is a perfect match for when you want to wear something casual, but look anything but basic. Think a summer's walk in a park, where you meet the love of your life or a high-tea with your besties. Whatever the occasion, this mini will make you feel like an off-duty royal. For something a little bit more ceremonial, such as walking through chambers of a French palace or being the most fashionable guest at a garden party, choose the Versailles Dress. This piece is made for events where you want to look elegant and sensual at the same time. The opulent colour palette can be mixed with various accessories from energetic orange to sophisticated black... You’ll want to wear this versatile piece over and over again.

The Reina Dress is filled with intricate textures and ornate details balanced with a sophisticated Paisley Noir colour palette. Psst… a royal style tip - the corset-inspired top and oversized mesh sleeves look mesmerising in portrait paintings (and in selfies too). Wear this style when you want to look both sensual and powerful. For the days when you want to channel your inner rebellious princess, choose the Princesa Dress. This elevated LBD can be easily styled up with heels and sparkly jewellery or toughen up with heavy boots. Crafted from body-shaping crepe, the mini silhouette is adorned with a statement asymmetric blouse. A single billowy sleeve adds just the right amount of drama to this chic style.

Her Majesty Dress is a perfect choice for international ballroom galas and intimate evening parties alike. The silky Sapphire satin catches the light beautifully, so you will look mesmerising while dancing the waltz or giving a toast. Be ready to make history in this dress. For occasions when you want to exude pure confidence, choose the Salute Me Jumpsuit. This elegant piece embodies strength and modern femininity. Ruching back details add a fashion-forward twist to this flattering silhouette. It’s classy, but not so classic. If your plans include taking over kingdoms and becoming the centre of attention at parties, wear the powerful Upon Her Throne Dress. The beautiful glistening fabric combined with a sharp silhouette will make you look as dazzling as a cut diamond.

The Royal Treatment collection is available exclusively on our online store. Go ahead, spoil yourself. You deserve it.