We talk with Three Floor girls about fashion, lockdown and their binge-watch recommendations.

To stay in our bubbles we talked to girls we live closely with - our colleagues and flatmates. Meet Rubina, a Technical Coordinator within the construction industry, who spent lockdown working in an office and working out at home.

How have you spent the second lockdown?

I was still working and heading into the office as usual during the second lockdown. It was a different atmosphere with a reduced number of us in the office but I was happy to be able to still go into work. Outside of that, I have been going on long walks in the park and keeping up with my workout plans at home. I have also been experimenting in making homemade earrings from clay!


What did you miss the most?

Socialising with my friends, spending time with family, discovering cafes and restaurants around London. To be fair, what I honestly miss was that I could create plans of things to do, whereas now we are not able to plan anything. I am naturally a planner and that was annoying for me.


When at home, do you dress up or do you keep it cosy?

There are two sides with how I dress up, either really dressed up in my favourite outfits or super cosy and comfortable. The latter is what I would usually wear at home and I am lucky that I am still able to express my style during the days I'm in the office.

Any good books or TV series you can recommend?

I have just been binge-watching the new season of The Crown, and that has been my addiction during lockdown 2,0. I love the acting and the cinematography of the show. Book-wise I am currently reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harrari; I can only recommend it, it's a great book that accounts human history and anthropology. This is a topic that really fascinates me as it gives an insight into how we evolved throughout history.


What's the first thing you'll do once the lockdown is over?

What I am most looking forward to see is the Christmas lights and spend the holidays with my family. Christmas is one of my favourite periods of the year, I love decorating the house, helping my mum in the kitchen. I have 2 young nephews and I can't wait to see them and give them big hugs.